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The one thing the modern food industry lacks is a commitment to nutrition. If you work with me, Cathleen Colligan R.D. of Port Washington, NY as your nutritionist, I will be looking to return your modern diet to nutritional soundness. Sure, we can overload on fats, sugars, salt, and starch at levels never before seen in history. However, cheap processed foods can keep bellies full, but they don’t keep bodies healthy.

The key is investing in your overall nutrition through eating a healthy diet. Calories are not everything; micronutrients are the real secret to living a healthy life!

My nutritionist services include:

● Plants and Micronutrients—Fruits and vegetables do more for the body than can be expressed in words. A constant influx of micronutrients is essential to maintain rigorous bodily functions. The best way to ensure that you are getting balanced nutrition is to eat a variety of plants and to eat a lot of them. Variety promotes the intake of vitamins and minerals. Even though citrus fruits produce vitamin C, we digest them differently and therefore absorb the nutrients differently as well.

● Fiber—The American diet falls far short of proper fiber intake. Fiber supplements are good to make up the difference, but natural sources are always the best option. Eating less processed carbohydrates like flour and corn syrup and replacing them with whole wheat, ancient grains, and plenty of vegetation will increase your fiber intake to the appropriate amount. This will protect your digestive system, which is the epicenter for health inside the body.

● Meal Plans—The best way to ensure that you are meeting nutritional standards is to invest time and effort into cooking nutritious meals. I can help you put together a meal plan that is equal parts tasty and healthy. Fast food and dining out can be a luxury and a fun experience, yet should never be relied on for a majority of our diet.

Get the nutritional support you need today! Speak to me about my nutritionist services and the path towards eating healthy!

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